Assault & Battery


Assault and battery in Florida include any intentional physical violence or threat of violence against someone. Penalties range from jail time to 5 years prison depending on severity. If charged, contact Call Connor Law today.

We provide skilled representation for assault and battery charges using our experience with Florida courts and prosecutors. We build a comprehensive defense to protect your rights.

Assault is threatening physical harm while battery is inflicting physical harm. Both range from misdemeanors to felonies depending on the case.

Some common penalties:

  • Simple assault – misdemeanor, up to 6 days jail, $500 fine
  • Aggravated assault – felony, weapons or severe threats
  • Simple battery – misdemeanor, physical harm
  • Aggravated battery – felony, physical harm with weapons

When facing assault, battery, or other violent crime charges in Tallahassee, you need an aggressive defense lawyer in your corner. Connor Hilgenfeldt has successfully defended clients against allegations of aggravated assault, domestic violence, and battery by meticulously scrutinizing prosecution evidence. He understands how prosecutors build these cases and can identify technical flaws to get charges reduced or dismissed.

Don’t let accusations of assault or battery go unchallenged. Connor Hilgenfeldt will build a strong defense focused on protecting your rights and future. Contact Call Connor Law to schedule your consultation and learn more about your options for fighting these violent crime allegations.

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