Weapon Offense Charges


If you have been arrested for a weapons offense in Tallahassee, it is critical that you understand your rights and act quickly to protect yourself. Weapons charges can lead to very serious penalties, including steep fines and lengthy prison sentences. At Call Connor Law, our experienced criminal defense attorneys regularly handle weapons charges of all kinds. We are dedicated advocates for those facing accusations like improper exhibition of a firearm, possession of a concealed weapon, unlawful discharge of a firearm, and more.

The penalties for weapons crimes depend on the specific allegations and your criminal history. Mitigating factors may also play a role in potential sentencing if you are convicted. However, the complexity of weapons laws provides skilled defense attorneys with many avenues that we can pursue in order to challenge the charges. This includes contesting the legality of searches, challenging evidence and statements, asserting stand your ground rights, and more. An aggressive defense is essential.

    Call Connor Law can represent clients facing any weapons violation charges, including:

    • Using a weapon against an officer
    • Weapons at a school
    • Concealed weapon in a pharmacy
    • Discharging a firearm in public
    • Firearms while intoxicated
    • Machine guns
    • Destructive devices
    • Juvenile weapon charges
    • Firearm possession under an injunction
    • Firearm possession by a violent career criminal

    Possible Defenses:

    An experienced attorney can identify the best defense, including:

    • Dismissal based on 4th Amendment violations
    • Lack of probable cause for search
    • Self-defense
    • The weapon was an antique made before 1918
    • The weapon wasn’t yours and you didn’t control it
    • You were unaware of the weapon’s presence
    • You were lawfully in possession

    Don’t leave the fate of your future in anyone else’s hands. The criminal defense attorneys at Call Connor Law have the experience and determination to protect your rights at every stage. We have achieved many successful results for past weapons charges clients through motions, negotiations, and at trial. If you are facing charges, contact our Tallahassee office immediately for a free case review. We are available to take your call and to provide skilled representation.

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