Contract Law


Contract disputes and negotiations can quickly become complex. Connor Hilgenfeldt has the experience to handle all manner of contract matters for Tallahassee clients including breach of contract claims, warranty issues, business partnerships, and real estate agreements.

Connor will meticulously analyze any contract in dispute, identifying areas of non-compliance, ambiguous language, or violations of the terms and conditions. His goal is building the strongest case possible on your behalf, whether defending against breach of contract allegations or pursuing a claim against a non-compliant party.

Key considerations in contract law include:

  • Identifying relevant contractual terms and duties of involved parties
  • Assessing performance or non-performance under the contract
  • Pinpointing any vague or unenforceable provisions
  • Determining applicable remedies or damages for breach
  • Negotiating a favorable new agreement or settlement if desired

Let Connor Hilgenfeldt leverage his skills in contract interpretation and commercial litigation to your benefit. He can provide experienced counsel on enforcing, disputing, or creating contracts optimized to your business needs and interests.

Contract disputes demand legal expertise and advocacy. Connor Hilgenfeldt has the commercial law knowledge and litigation experience to handle any contract matter from breach of contract claims to negotiating optimized agreements. He has successfully represented Tallahassee clients in complex contractual issues through meticulous case building, persuasive negotiation, and unwavering trial advocacy. For skilled contract law guidance, contact Call Connor Law.

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