Grand Theft


Grand theft charges in Florida encompass stealing money, property, or services valued over $750. Connor Hilgenfeldt is an experienced criminal defense lawyer representing individuals and companies accused of grand theft crimes including embezzlement, employee theft, check fraud, and stealing motor vehicles.

Connor thoroughly investigates grand theft cases by interviewing witnesses, collecting documentation, and reviewing evidence procedures. He builds the strongest defense by showing illegal searches, flawed eyewitness accounts, lack of proof of stolen property, or other deficiencies in the prosecution’s case. His goal is getting charges dismissed outright.

Key strategic considerations in defending grand theft allegations include:

  • Identifying any illegal searches or seizures by police
  • Authenticating documents and physical evidence
  • Interviewing witnesses and assessing their credibility
  • Analyzing inventory and accounting records
  • Reviewing surveillance footage for exculpatory evidence

Let Connor Hilgenfeldt defend your rights and interests against grand theft charges. He will build a personalized defense focused on dismissing or reducing charges through motions and negotiation. Connor will also deliver skilled trial advocacy if necessary.

Grand theft charges require an assertive advocate focused on dismissal. Connor Hilgenfeldt has secured many successful outcomes for clients facing theft accusations through meticulous case preparation, motions to suppress evidence, persuasive negotiation and skilled trial advocacy. For experienced criminal defense against grand theft allegations, contact Call Connor Law.

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