Allegations of manslaughter or homicide in Tallahassee can completely devastate your life. These complex charges call for an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Connor Hilgenfeldt understands how prosecutors attempt to prove manslaughter, vehicular manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, and other homicide charges using police interrogations, forensic evidence, expert witnesses and other means.

Connor Hilgenfeldt’s defense strategy focuses on meticulously scrutinizing all prosecution evidence and testimony to find inconsistencies and flaws. He is adept at challenging the validity of forensic analysis and undermining the credibility of expert witnesses during cross examination. His goal is getting charges dismissed by exposing gaps in the prosecution’s case.

Killing someone by negligence or an act not intended as murder. It requires an experienced attorney to protect rights and freedom. At Call Connor Law, we understand your fear and uncertainty. We’ll work aggressively to defend you.

Types of manslaughter:

  • Second-degree
  • First-degree with a firearm/weapon
  • First-degree against elderly/disabled
  • Aggravated against a child
  • First-degree against an officer, firefighter, medic, etc.

Voluntary manslaughter includes by act and by procurement.

Involuntary is by culpable negligence – death from reckless/wanton disregard for life.

Possible Defenses:

  • Alibi – defendant wasn’t at scene
  • Misidentification – doubt it was the defendant
  • Excusable homicide – accident in heat of passion
  • Justifiable homicide – legal deadly force resisting a felony
  • Self-defense

Penalties Depend on Degree:

Second Degree:

  • 9.25 years minimum prison
  • 15 years maximum prison
  • 15 years maximum probation
  • $10,000 fine

First Degree:

  • 9.25 years minimum prison
  • 30 years maximum prison
  • 30 years maximum probation
  • $10,000 fine

Don’t let manslaughter or homicide charges go unanswered. With Connor Hilgenfeldt as your defender, you gain a strategic ally who will fight to protect your rights and future at every turn. Contact Call Connor Law today to schedule your consultation and learn more about vigorously contesting these devastating allegations.

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