DUI Charges


Facing DUI charges in Tallahassee can have lasting personal and professional consequences. As an experienced DUI defense attorney, Connor Hilgenfeldt understands the complexities these allegations present under Florida law. He has helped many clients achieve favorable outcomes in drunk driving cases through tenacious litigation, negotiation and trial advocacy.

Connor will thoroughly examine the circumstances of your traffic stop and arrest, fully analyzing any constitutional violations or issues with evidence collection and testing procedures. His goal is getting charges reduced or dismissed by exposing flaws in the prosecution’s case. If charges are not dismissed, he can negotiate diligently for minimized penalties.

Key strategic considerations in DUI defense include:

  • The validity of your traffic stop and field sobriety tests
  • Proper administration of breathalyzer and blood tests
  • Your Miranda rights and statements made to police
  • Examination of blood evidence by a defense expert
  • Mitigating factors such as elapsed time since driving

Let Connor Hilgenfeldt defend your rights and privileges after a DUI charge. He understands the wide-ranging consequences these allegations can have and will build the strongest defense focused on your best interests.


DUI charges in Tallahassee require an assertive defense lawyer who knows how to achieve results. Connor Hilgenfeldt has successfully defended numerous DUI cases by exposing procedural flaws and constitutional violations, negotiating charge reductions, and delivering winning trial advocacy. He understands the intricacies of Florida DUI law and how to leverage them for the best possible outcome. If you face drunk driving allegations, put Connor’s experience to work for you. Contact Call Connor Law for dedicated defense against your DUI charges.

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