Reckless Driving


Reckless driving allegations in Tallahassee can endanger your driving privileges and future. As an experienced traffic defense attorney, Connor Hilgenfeldt understands how to protect client rights in cases involving speeding, racing, failure to obey traffic signals, improper lane changes, and other reckless driving offenses.

Connor thoroughly analyzes the circumstances of your traffic stop, citation, and any statements made to police. He identifies procedural flaws and constitutional violations to build a strong defense focused on getting your charges reduced or dismissed. If charges proceed, he can advocate for minimized penalties.

Key strategic considerations in reckless driving defense include:

  • The validity of your traffic stop
  • Any issues with the traffic citation or investigation
  • Your rights and any statements made after being pulled over
  • Mitigating circumstances regarding speed, road conditions, etc.
  • Your driving history and record


Reckless driving charges in Tallahassee demand an aggressive defense lawyer who achieves results. Connor Hilgenfeldt has successfully defended numerous cases by exposing constitutional violations, disputing evidence, negotiating charge reductions, and delivering skilled trial advocacy. He understands Florida traffic law intricacies and leverages them strategically to benefit his clients. Put Connor’s experience to work protecting your rights and future after a reckless driving allegation. Contact Call Connor Law for dedicated defense.

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