White Collar Crimes


White collar crime refers to crimes committed for financial gain without violence. This includes activities like overstating assets on a loan application or intricate multinational securities fraud. Our white collar defense practice serves professionals accused of fraud in business, banking, insurance, and government contracting.

Attorney Connor Hilgenfeldt hasĀ  experience with clients charged with crimes like tax evasion, bribery, securities fraud, insurance fraud, and bank fraud. Investigations often take years examining complex records. If you’ve had any inquiries indicating suspicion, engage a defense attorney immediately to avoid mistakes.

  • A devoted Attorney bringing prosecution and defense experience to your side
  • Immediate investigation for quick results
  • Years of professional legal experience
  • Sophisticated strategies for complex matters

Facing white collar crime charges can jeopardize your reputation, freedom and livelihood. These allegations should be handled by an experienced criminal defense lawyer who understands the complexities of financial and corporate crimes. I have represented individuals and companies accused of white collar offenses such as securities fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, tax evasion, bribery and more.

My in-depth knowledge of federal statutes and the investigative process enables me to build a strong defense by examining the evidence, identifying procedural mistakes, and drafting persuasive arguments. I will be a tireless advocate throughout your case, seeking to get charges reduced or dismissed. If allegations cannot be defeated pre-trial, I have the trial skills and resources to mount an aggressive defense before a judge and jury. My sole focus is achieving the most favorable outcome in your white collar crime case. Contact me for skilled representation.

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