Child Custody


Child custody disputes can become complex and emotionally-draining. With my insight into Florida custody laws and courtroom experience, I can advise and represent you on matters involving custody, visitation rights, modification of agreements, international abduction, and more.

My approach emphasizes finding solutions that serve the best interests of the child. I aim to reduce conflict while securing a fair custody arrangement based on our state’s legal standards. I assist with expert witnesses, gathering evidence for hearings, and negotiating effectively with the other party.

We handle all custody issues, including:

  • Time-sharing
  • Temporary custody
  • Paternity
  • Full custody
  • Relocation, including international
  • Parental relocation disputes

Florida uses “parental responsibility” instead of “custody.” Parents have sole or shared responsibility. “Visitation” is now “time-sharing” with a parenting plan detailing arrangements.

When creating a parenting plan, you’ll decide:

  • Primary residence
  • Time-sharing schedule
  • Responsibility for health, education, etc.
  • Child support impact

Courts prioritize the child’s best interests, favoring continuing relationships with both parents unless prohibited.

Full custody is only granted if beneficial to the child, not by request. Full and sole custody are the same – one parent has sole physical and legal custody.

To seek sole custody, state why shared would be detrimental. If married, file where you reside. If unmarried, establish paternity then serve the other parent to respond.

An unmarried father can’t keep a child from the mother without a court order and paternity test. Until paternity/custody is established, an unmarried mother has sole rights.

Navigating high-stakes child custody matters requires an advocate who understands your priorities. Contact me to schedule a consultation focused on protecting your relationship with your child. My knowledge of Florida custody law combined with my compassion for families equips me to take on the challenges of your case while minimizing stress.

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