Family Law


Family law issues like divorce, child custody, and spousal support can be extremely difficult to navigate. You need an advocate by your side with the experience to protect your rights through every turn. At Call Connor Law, our compassionate Tallahassee family law attorneys are dedicated to guiding you through these challenging times as smoothly as possible. We have extensive experience handling all aspects of family law matters from mediation to litigation.

We fiercely protect our clients’ interests while also aiming for equitable solutions. For post-divorce disputes over child custody, visitation, or support modifications, we pursue enforceable agreements that provide stability. And if negotiation fails, we are ready to aggressively litigate in court to defend your rights as a parent.

We represent family law and divorce clients in Leon, Gadsden, Wakulla, Jefferson, Franklin, and Calhoun Counties, handling cases including:

Contested Divorce

We handle all divorce issues, advocating through negotiation, mediation, litigation, and appeals. We ensure you get what you deserve despite the challenges. We take extra care with children to resolve issues swiftly while minimizing future conflict.

Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is agreed upon without court arguments. It allows participation in shaping outcomes, speeds the process, involves less conflict, and costs less. But transparency and cooperation are crucial. We provide experienced counsel to prevent overpaying or losing rights.

Child Custody

We understand custody disputes are stressful and emotional. With a client-focused, assertive approach, we safeguard your rights and the bond with your children. We handle time-sharing, relocation, paternity, evaluations, trials, abduction, and enforcement issues.

Child Support

We assist with calculating, securing, and enforcing child support. If paternity is disputed, we facilitate DNA testing. Don’t delay testing as it could lose child support. Once established, we’ll advocate for fair support.

Spousal Support

Divorce can cause financial upheaval. Spousal support helps alleviate this. We assist with calculating, securing, and enforcing spousal support. If assets are hidden, our network uncovers them. We develop complex cases for settlement or trial.

At Call Connor Law, we understand that legal issues intersect with real-world practical and emotional obstacles. We provide clients with caring support on top of high-quality legal service. Our ultimate goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family as you transition into a new chapter. Don’t face it alone – contact our Tallahassee office today to schedule a consultation.

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