Family Law Mediation


Mediation provides an alternative pathway to resolve your dispute outside of court. An experienced mediator facilitates productive discussion and helps both parties reach a mutually satisfactory agreement. Connor Hilgenfeldt is a certified mediator who brings his negotiation and conflict resolution skills to the mediation process.

Connor has mediated numerous disputes including divorce and child custody, personal injury, landlord-tenant, contracts, and other civil matters. His calm demeanor and active listening approach helps create an atmosphere of trust and cooperation. Connor asks thoughtful questions to gain full understanding of each party’s position and interests.

In mediation, each party has their own attorney to help protect their interests while fostering commitment to resolution. An attorney ensures:

  • Confidentiality preservation
  • Advice focused on your best interests
  • Appropriate compromise reach

It may seem hiring one attorney would save money and avoid court. But separate counsel preserves confidentiality and avoids conflicts of interest arising from joint representation.

With mediation, you avoid the stress, time and costs of trial while reaching a customized solution for your unique situation. Connor Hilgenfeldt is committed to guiding both parties through productive dialogue to find common ground. Even in complex, emotional disputes, mediation with Connor can lead to equitable agreements that work for all involved.

If you have a civil dispute suitable for mediation, contact Call Connor Law to learn more about Connor Hilgenfeldt’s mediation services. Resolve your matter efficiently while also preserving important relationships through constructive mediation.

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