Forgery Defense


Florida takes forgery charges seriously, and something minor like faking a receipt can have severe consequences. Call Connor Law can help you through difficult forgery accusations. We are ready to take your case if charged with forgery or using forged documents.

Forgery is defined as falsely making, altering, or counterfeiting any written instrument with intent to injure or defraud. This includes public records, wills, deeds, insurance policies, tickets, and more. Both creating forged instruments and using them (“uttering”) are illegal.

Most acts are third-degree felonies with up to 5 years in prison, 5 years probation, and $5,000 fines per offense. An experienced attorney can mean the difference between freedom and years in prison.

Forgery charges can carry severe penalties that threaten your freedom and future. These allegations require an assertive defense from an experienced criminal lawyer. I understand the various laws pertaining to forgery crimes in this state and how prosecutors attempt to build cases through documents, handwriting analysis and other methods.

My defense strategy will thoroughly examine the prosecution’s evidence to identify any weakness or procedural errors. I will advocate for your rights at every stage, seeking dismissal or reduction of charges when flaws exist. If charges proceed to trial, I have the litigation experience to undermine the prosecution’s case before a judge or jury. My goal is to obtain the best outcome for your situation, whether that means negotiated plea bargains or acquittals at trial. Don’t let forgery allegations go unchallenged. Contact me for the strongest defense

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