Crafting a customized will allows you to distribute your assets according to your wishes. I can advise you on Florida laws and help you create an estate plan that cares for your loved ones.

With a properly executed will, you get to decide who inherits your possessions, real estate, financial accounts, and other assets. I can help you minimize estate taxes so more wealth transfers to beneficiaries.

A will permits you to name an executor to oversee your estate as well as a guardian for minor children. I will ensure your choices align with state laws.

I can also help you establish trusts, make charitable donations, and handle other estate planning services. My goal is giving you peace of mind knowing your legacy is protected.

When creating a will, consider:

  • Selecting trusted executors and guardians
  • Financial provisioning for spouse and dependents
  • Division of assets among heirs
  • Estate tax minimization strategies
  • Charitable donations and gifting
  • Healthcare directives if incapacitated
  • Inheritance instructions for minors

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